Vibroacoustic Music and Sound Therapy

Sound Therapy

A Daily Dose Of Sound Therapy aka “Musical Nutrition” Can:

note-sound-therapyHelp You Feel Balanced, Peaceful and Rejuvenated

note-sound-therapySoothe Body, Mind and Spirit

note-sound-therapyMelt Away Stresswhat-is-musical-nutrition

note-sound-therapyAchieve Deep Relaxation

note-sound-therapyLower Blood Pressure

note-sound-therapyManage Pain

note-sound-therapyAnd Much MORE!

100% Natural and DRUG-FREE

Try it TODAY and See for Yourself!

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You will Receive as Audios or Videos:

checkmarkEnergy Psychology – Awaken the Heart’s Fire Guided Session with Emotional Sound Techniques

checkmark Ave Maria with 727Hz aka “Dolphin Dream”

checkmark The Miracle Chord

checkmark Anger Management

checkmark Panic and Anxiety

checkmark Learning Abilities (Use with Learning Challenges)

checkmark Awaken the Heart’s Fire with Earth Frequencies Binaural Beats


Sound Therapy or Sound Healing is an alternative healing therapy that is growing in popularity. More and more people are looking for alternative ways to treat themselves.

This therapy, in simple terms, is using music, low tones and frequencies to assist in bring the body into a state of healthy resonance.

Science has proven that everything is made of energy. If you look at something in a microscope and break it down, you see particles and using a powerful microscope lens, what you end up with is energy and that energy has a vibration. Our body also has a vibration. Within our bodies, every part (organs, cells, etc) of our body vibrates at its own frequency.

Our bodies are composed mainly of water; this water is set into motion when the body is exposed to sound vibrations, whether these vibrations are positive or not so positive. It is especially effective to the body when directly placed on the body through a speaker or subwolfer, especially when using a specific program for a specific ailment, then you can target that area of the ailment. As the water in our body is moved by the vibration, molecules are reacting and communicating with each other, thus creating a more balanced environment.

With all of our programs, specific frequencies are used to obtain a specific effect. Pure frequencies are often not easy to listen to, so we embed specific frequencies into music that are laid under music which in turn is called, Vibroacoustic music.

As this communication occurs, harmony and a healthy resonance are restored in the body.

In the field of Sound and Vibroacoustics, there have been many years of research compiled.

As for myself, I stumbled upon it accidentally in 2004, and from that moment on, my life has never been the same. I left no stone unturned and after ten years of spending all of my time and resources in this field, I know I have barely scratched the surface on the subject of sound healing.  A subject so pervasive, that for the most part it is overlooked by humanity, and yet is the basis of all life because everything vibrates.

There are many scientific experiments that show matter responds to sound. I know and have seen the results of using sound therapy!

Regina Murphy


You can find many of my programs in video format on my Youtube Channel.


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